Press the FRESH BUTTON every day and find out today's seasonal and fresh food. Eat fresh and stay healthy!


Do you know what are the benefits of eating seasonal and fresh food?

Do you know why is properly storing food so important?

Best taste, less expensive and preventing illness are a few of the many benefits fresh food can offer. Similarly, proper storing methods can help to maintain food freshness, save money and preserve food nutrients.

When you are getting your grocery, have you ever wondered why some fruits and vegetables are on the shelf all year round but some others only appear for a certain period of time?

Have you wondered that not all the grocery stores or markets offer only seasonal food but also offer foods that are not in season?

Do you buy pre-cut fruits or vegetables just because it is convenient?

Check TODAY'S FRESH FOOD out for more information on fresh food and food preservation!


Features of this application:

+ Suggests three seasonal food items every day. Just press the FRESH BUTTON every day!

+ Food freshness tips: Tips on getting fresh food at the grocery stores or markets, tips on food preservation.

+ Seasonal food items are listed out by months.

+ Search results filtering function available to allow users to search for particular food by key words. Users can also find out the months that a particular food is available in the year.

+ Food preservation information on each food item listed: storing method, the time limit for storing the food item at the pantry and refrigerator.

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